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The history of JKA-BC begins in 1989, when a number of Shotokan karate clubs operating throughout British Columbia came together under the guidance and instruction of Sensei Yasuo Sakurai, to form the North American Shotokan Karate Association (NASKA). In 1999, Sakurai Sensei returned to live in Japan, and while this organization continued to function in his absence, he remained NASKA’s Chief Instructor, and visited frequently to provide training seminars. By 2009, NASKA had evolved to the extent that our members decided by a democratic process to form a new organization. With this new organization came a new name: JKA-BC. It was felt that this new name more clearly expresses our link to the JKA.

In the karate world, one’s training lineage, history and affiliations are very important. A demonstrable link to an established instructor and to a wider, recognized organization provides a certain degree of authenticity and credibility in regard to one’s earned rank. At an individual level, students practicing karate with JKA-BC may trace their training lineage through their respective dojo instructors who, in turn, are students of Sakurai Sensei, 7th Dan JKA Instructor and Shihan-kai member, who is himself a student of an even higher-ranking JKA Instructor.

At an organizational level, JKA-BC is affiliated with JKA-SKD-WOC. Incorporated in February 2001, JKA-SKD’s function is to bring together various JKA affiliated organizations across Canada dedicated to promoting, teaching and developing Shotokan Karate-Do, while respecting the rules, regulations and directives decreed and promulgated by the Japan Karate Association (JKA).

For more information about these many karate organizations with whom JKA-BC is affiliated, please see the following websites:

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