Yasuo Sakurai Shihan

shihan sakurai

Sakurai Sensei has held the rank of 7th Dan with the Japan Karate Association (JKA) since 2005, and also has the highest level of Qualifications possible in the JKA, namely a "Triple-A" rating as Instructor, Judge, and Examiner.  Sensei has been training in traditional JKA karate for over 50 years, and since 2008 has been a member of the JKA "Shihankai", a group of the most respected JKA instructors that guides the JKA in its fulfillment of its mandate to preserve and promote traditional karate-do.  

In addition to being the Chief Instructor for JKA BC, Sensei is the Chief Instructor and Chief Examiner for Shizuoka prefecture.

During the years that Sensei lived full-time in Canada, Sensei drew on his own extensive tournament experience to serve at various times as the NKA National Head Coach, the NKA Quebec Head Coach and the NKA BC Head Coach, in addition to his duties with the JKA.

Sakurai Sensei’s vision for the promotion of JKA Karate in Canada has provided the foundation for JKA BC’s commitment to providing high quality instruction based on direct connection with JKA HQ in Japan.