Don Sharp Sensei

don sharp

Sensei Don Sharp started training in Judo at the age of 9. Despite his young age, his training focus was noticed by his instructors, Sensei’s Ken Earhart and Dave Jones and within a couple of years he had attained the rank of 3rd Kyu (brown belt). When the judo club closed down, he discovered a local karate club and started his karate journey with Sensei Rob Gale. He quickly acquired his 4th kyu (purple belt) and it was at that time he met the person who would shape both his personal and karate future - Sensei Yasuo Sakurai. From that first meeting, Sharp Sensei became aware of what martial arts had to offer. Not just how to kick and punch, but a way of life, a balance of physical, mental, technical and even spiritual way of developing ones growth. At age 18, Sharp Sensei successfully tested for his Shodan (1st degree black belt) under the legendary Nishiyama Sensei and Sakurai Sensei. Soon afterwards Sensei Gale offered, and Don agreed, to take over Sensei Gale’s dojo, now becoming the chief instructor of the Chilliwack club. With his new responsibility he continued to develop his skill and knowledge and would regularly travel to Abbotsford to train with Sensei Rob Sidoli and to Vancouver to train under Sakurai Sensei. His Dojo quickly gained respect and notoriety when he achieved Nidan (2nd degree black belt) at only 20 years of age, and himself and many of his Dojo members showed success at tournaments.

As one of the founders of NASKA (JKA-BC association predecessor), Sharp Sensei continues his karate career as a strong advocate of Shotokan karate (JKA) and dedicated student of Sakurai Sensei.

As one of the highest ranked JKA instructors in Canada, he is considered by many to be the most well rounded Karate instructor in Canada and one of the most successful Canadian athletes of all time in Karate. He continues to travel to JKA Tokyo Headquarters to gain new skills and knowledge and is often requested as a guest instructor at other JKA clubs around the world.

JKA Shotodan Nanadan (7th degree black belt)
JKA A level Instructor
JKA B level Judge
JKA B level Examiner

Approx. 200 medals from local, Provincial, National and International tournaments, including 29 gold medals
Captain of 2 WKF world cup teams, and 3 World JKA Shoto Cup teams B.C. Team Coach 3 times.
World Shoto Cup team assistant coach

1995 Nationals- Gold medal open weight kumite, Silver Heavy weight kumite, Gold medal team kumite, ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD, NATIONAL, and SPIRIT OF KARATE-DO AWARD.
1997 Nationals- Heavy weight Kumite Gold medal, open weight bronze, Kata silver, and team kumite silver ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD NATIONAL
1999 Nationals- Heavy weight kumite Gold, Kata silver, team kumite Bronze, (open weight injury, DNF)
1996- JKA nationals Gold kumite, Silver Kata, bronze team kata, and Gold team kumite.
1996- JKA WORLD CHAMPION, Gold medallist kumite, Osaka Japan
1995- WKF silver medallist Pan Am Championships, Lima Peru
1999- Pan Am Games- fourth place
5 other top 5, or better finishes in world level events Coaching
2000 – inducted to BC Sports Hall of Fame

LETTER OF ACCOMPLISHMENT “, from the Prime Minister of Canada, and 3 letters from provincial premiers.
B.C. Premier’s Award of Excellence in Athletics,
3 National Athlete of the year awards and 4 Provincial Athlete awards.
2 Canadian Athlete of the Year.